Dogging my way through....

I like winging it... A "Type A" personality I am not. I do love to race it up however, and for the last few years I have embraced the lifestyle of an endurance athlete- endless training, lack of a social life, and always, always, always having sore legs...

I dabbled in triathlon back in the day (mid 90's), but it came easy back then, being 16, unbreakable, and a zippy fast xcountry runner. 13 years of smokey bars and rocknroll debauchery had me questioning a return and I am surprised as anyone to find myself in better shape than I ever been, going farther than I ever have, and still being able to sling a guitar and belt out a tune or two...

The musician in me hides when the racing flats come on and the runner in me cringes when I down a shot (or three) of the whiskey... So this will be my attempt to keep a foot in each of the world's that move me to act... writing a song... running 20 miles... there really is no difference. It is what it is!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

About that streak....

  • Started Dec. 31st 2010.
  • Made it through. Still going.
  • The early months were the toughest. Not enough miles invested.
  • Almost forgot only once. That was a hard get out of bed.
  • Nightly routine.
  • The return of the two-a-day.
  • Wore running shorts year round. Always prepared. In addition to it being a cutting edge fashion statement.
  • The run commute. Summertime fun.
  • Get hurt- streak ends, so best not get hurt. Conserve, conserve, and save some for the next run.
  • Serious self- monitoring. Tune in, but also tune out.
  • Brushing teeth while running, twice.
  • Anytime. Anyplace. Accountable.
  • 2 miles a day after 100 miles. Absolute Brutality.
  • Rain isn't so bad. At least you can skip the shower. Scratch that... Rain sucks.
  • Recovery runs do exist. You just have to run slow. Nope... slower than that.
  • Always felt better after.
  • In a 24 hour day, there's always time to run a couple miles.
"with hope in our hearts and wings on our heels”

Why hello there bicycles... Here's to 2012.

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